Sunday, July 18, 2021

A prayer to Mother Earth

This article posted today by a church member who is a friend of mine just shocked me. Here is an excerpt from the article:

In a recent sermon delivered at his Southern California mega-church headlined “When Government Rewards Evil and Punishes Good,” Pastor John MacArthur mocked Biden’s claims about the imagined threats facing America. “Our president said in the last month that the greatest threat to America, he said, on one occasion, is systemic racism, which doesn’t exist,” the pastor argued. “He said white supremacy, which doesn’t exist with any power. And then he said global warming, which doesn’t exist either, and if it does, God’s in charge of it.”

The congregation giggled as the pastor summarized Biden’s increasingly unhinged views about the alleged threats facing America. But then MacArthur dropped a bomb shell.

“In reality,” he said, “the greatest threat to this nation is the government.”

Say what?!! Global warming doesn’t exist, and if it does, God’s in charge of it. My heart is broken with these words. Talk about not taking responsibility for what we have done. I have no words. Instead I have written this prayer to my great Mother Earth.

Oh great Mother Earth, tonight my heart and eyes weep deeply for you. You are sick and dying, struggling to breathe, struggling to sustain us and replenish yourself. I feel your heaving and deep vomiting. I so want to put my arms around you and share with you my deep love and sorrow for how sick you are.

I want to tell you how deeply sorry I am for what we have done to you. We have raped and ravished you. We have taken and given no thanks or care for what you have given to us.

I know I cannot atone for all that we humans have done to you, but I want to fall on my face and tell you how sad and broken-hearted I am for all that has been done to you.

Every day you struggle to continue giving to us, while we continue to carelessly rape and plunder you. Even as you are slowly being suffocated and poisoned, you give back to those who have harmed you.

My heart is broken! My love for you comes from deep within and my sorrow overflows.

We were only asked to be stewards of your gifts—to give back as you have so generously given to us. That we have not done. I beg forgiveness.

May those of us who love you and tenderly try to care for your wounds bring healing to your heart and body. May the small gifts we bring to you be multiplied in the face of your loving heart. May we not be too late to save you, and thus save ourselves.

We are a small army, those of us who love and care for you. May the work of our hands and the love in our hearts be taken as a gift of repentance on the behalf of all the human race. May our love and gifts of service be enough to save you and the life you support.

I give you my heart, my love, and my tears.



Tuesday, July 6, 2021

It’s always enough


each morning before we wrestle the world
and our hearts into the shape of our brains,
look around and say, “Wow!”
Feed yourself fire.
Scoop up the day entire
like a planet-sized bouquet of marvel
sent by the Universe directly into your arms
and say, “Wow!”
~ Chelan Harkin

Chelan, my new favorite poet, speaks words that go straight to the heart! And THIS stanza in her poem speaks my own heart language! “Feed yourself fire” indeed!! A bouquet of love awaits for me each and every day. The gifts in every day abound. All the events are gifts, and I shall not label one of them “bad.”

Like Easter eggs hidden throughout my day, the gifts are there for me to uncover if I only open my eyes to SEE them! How do I do that? By staying awake and alert, eyes wide open, ears tuned to the channel of a Higher Power. A beautiful sunrise, a bird nearby, an unexpected flower, clouds that speak to me, sunsets, squirrels, chipmunks, grasses that bloom; smiles surround me everywhere. In the smiles I see and feel the gifts of the day. Gratitude abounds.

There is no room for mindless, idle obsession, or anxious thoughts. There is only a slight holding of the breath to see what the next gift will bring. Where is it? I’m busy looking and listening. Oh, there it is! A Facebook post that makes me giggle out loud or smile really big. A greeting from a neighbor as I pass by. A chapter in the book I am reading. The breeze brushing my face and hair. Gifts everywhere I look.

Indeed, A planet-sized bouquet of marvel sent by the Universe directly into MY arms.” And I say “WOW!”

Monday, July 5, 2021

That happened!

“Everything happens for me, not to me.” ~ Byron Katie

A huge shift took place in my life when I was finally able to give thanks for all that had taken place in my life. Some of the events of my life sounded pretty horrific by human standards. Those that heard my story often winced. But I no longer feel that way about the story of my life.

What if all those events that seemed to be harmful and cruel were actually gifts to me? How could that be? Because those specific events all worked together to bring me to my knees and forced me into a corner where I had to reach out for help. And reaching out for help brought me to a place of recovery and healing. Forgiveness and compassion replaced the “why me” and the confusion. Why not me!

Each step brought me closer to the door to freedom for my inner self. I was free to discover who I really am, what my gift is, and how I am to use it to live a life of joy and love. So like the story of Joseph in the Old Testament, although the events of my life appeared to be sad and destructive, Love was able to use them to bring about good.

So today, I am truly grateful for each step of my life and the lessons I learned through those individual steps. Each step was important to teach me life lessons that I needed to learn. I am by nature rather strong-willed, so it took a lot of lessons to crack that nut!